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Stolen Dreams: How Corruption Negates Government Assistance to Nigeria’s Small Businesses

The meeting is convened with a view to establish structures and partnerships with which the following objectives shall be achieved; 1. Framing the challenges small businesses are faced with and identifying key actors responsible for addressing same. 2. Development of next steps action plans addressing corruption red flags in governments financing and support of small […]


Program on Advocacy Policy Dialogue on Standard Weights and Measures along Rice and Cassava Value Chain in Ogun, Anambra and Ebonyi States

The Value Chain Development Program (VCDP) recognizes the need to adopt the use of quality norms, grades and standards in the marketing of rice and cassava products because of the great challenges being experienced in this sector which borders on trust.  To a large extent VCDP has promoted the use of standard weights and measures […]


Boosting Nigerian Economy Using the 2013 Budget for Agriculture

Background The Budget of the Federal Republic of Nigeria or the Appropriation Act is enacted and signed in to law by the National Assembly and the President respectively. This national document guides government spending throughout the year. It represents the government’s intentions and political will to effect developmental changes in the society at large. Oftentimes […]