Small Scale Farmers (SSFs) in Nigeria make up the greater number of the country’s workforce population and produce over 80% of the food consumed in the country. The Nigerian agricultural sector is second largest contributor (about 24%) to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Nonetheless, these farmers appear to be the poorest constituency in Nigeria.

Small Scale Farmers have not been adequately supported over the years by successive administration in Nigeria. Their voices are scarcely heard, neither are they adequately represented in policy-making process and in governance. This constituency has also been excluded and dis-empowered, while their concerns and interests are not taken into account or addressed.

Ironically, this is the same constituency that the politicians run to with different kind of promises campaigning for votes during elections even as the 2019 election approaches. Given the above history of neglect, and against the backdrop of renewed global focus on agriculture and small scale farmers (SSF), the National Association of Nigerian Traders (NANTS) with the support of TrustAfrica organized a workshop for farmers organizations and networks in Nigeria with a view to awaken the SSFs to enhance their voice worth and capacity to influence policies in and out of the agricultural sector. A workshop was then held to gather major stakeholders in the agricultural sector in order to identify the major challenges, concerns, interests and priorities of farmers well-articulated for effective policy advocacy.

Communique of the National Agric Dialogue – Abuja 20th Aug 2018