This policy brief is produced with the aim of educating particularly, ECOWAS Non State Actors (NSAs) and the general public for a proper and informed understanding of the ECOWAS Agricultural Policy – ECOWAP and its implementation process. The brief has become necessary as an instrument for engaging ECOWAS and her member States especially within the context of the Joint Sector Review (JSR) of ECOWAP +10 so that NSAs would be better positioned to even make recommendations and be part of the next 10 years of the implementation of ECOWAP, the alignment between ECOWAP and CAADP, as well as the level of implementation of the Maputo-Malabo commitments. The brief also seeks to identify specific roles for the NSAs in the implementation of ECOWAP and becomes handy for the planned JSR which is anchored on the following objectives:
• To reacquaint NSAs with CAADP and the Malabo Declaration and the importance of aligning the
instruments with regional and country policy and planning.
• Review best practice on NSAs engagement on CAADP/ Malabo and explore ways for NSAs to scale and be more effective
• Begin a regional NSA mapping to expand and strengthen the network of NSAs contributing to ECOWAP/RAIP and broader CAADP implementation
• Develop an Action Plan for strengthening the regional NSA network and next steps in scaled up, more consistent and meaningful NSA engagement going forward.

In addition, it is important to note that within the context of the JSR, the extent of NSAs involvement so far in the ECOWAP process also becomes imperative in keying into existing channels or opening other windows of intervention for a comprehensive and successful implementation of set goals and targets and for the ultimate benefit of the community citizens.

Understanding the ECOWAS Agricultural Policy (ECOWAP) Implementations